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Top to End Management

From marine ordering process and planning and scheduling of resources for approved orders to fulfilment of orders (i.e. Towage, pilotage operations) and marine billing, MarineM provides the technology to manage and monitor all critical aspects of the operations.

Marine Ordering

marineM’s Marine Ordering System provides a user ­friendly web based interface for registering and capturing order details for pilotage and towage resources.

Demand Management

Marine Ordering System also provides the capability to manage demand for pilot and tugboat resources, as well as track financial status and credit limit of customers.

Graphical Gantt Chart ­based Planning

marineM Planner features an intuitive graphical interface based on Gantt Chart design. Each task provides a real­time update of the actual status of the event.

Constraints Based Engine

The application considers routes, suitable tugboats based on power versus ship size, ship vessel size, experience of pilot, and many other things.

Berth Assignment

Provides features for assignment of ship to berth upon considering various constraints such as ship fitting to berth, assignment based on recurrence or a one off event, and clash checking unique assignments.

1 Enhance planning and scheduling

marineM Apps ensures instantaneous status updates for every allocated task including pilotage and towage services for better planning.

2 Deliver live updates

marineM Apps delivers a live capture of key and critical job progress status and other important inputs for operational updates and accurate billing.

3 Use existing networks

The real time data is transmitted wirelessly over existing 3G or 4G ­telecommunication networks, which provides detailed and timely updates for every deployed resource.

Live Billing Details

Key billing parameters such as duration spent in delivering pilotage and towage services are electronically captured during the job.

Automated Billing

Marine bills are generated automatically upon completion of pilotage and towage services. Billing considers job types, customer specific billing schemes are used for the final calculation of bills.

Scheme Based Calculations

With pricing schemes, marine services charges are computed based on a combination of various inputs including customer service agreements, time of the day, job performed, duration of pilotage, duration of towage, tariff rates, job types and others.

All Features At a Glance

Data Manager

Manages key data records such as Pilot, Vessel, Location, Berth, Job Types.

Customer Manager

Manage customer records, customer contacts and accounts information held in each record.

Bill Manager

Tracks generated bills as well as provision features to override bills actions and statuses.

Job Order

Registers and record orders details for towage, pilot services with each arriving or departing ship vessel.

Service Management

Manage the status of pilotage and towage service records.


Automated constraint based planner that assigns tugboats, pilot to marine jobs as well as arrange transport logistics for pilots.

User and Roles Manager

Manage users access to the system based on permissions assigned to user and roles.

System Audit

Tracks and review every change made in the system by any user. In particular all bill details and changes are recorded in System Audit.